Our corporate advice for end users focuses on the following 3 main disciplines:

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1. Leasing/Buying

The companies for which we work increasingly realise that accommodation/property is more than just a cost item on the balance sheet. Maximizing and making optimal use of the value you as an occupier ultimately creates one of our core activities.


We assist our clients when leasing/buying alternative accommodation from beginning to the end: from the first exploratory meeting until the moment the lease is signed and the subsequent key tranfer. Our work includes drawing up a realistic feasibility analysis, preparing a Programme of Requirements, listing and viewing alternatives, and commercially structuring the transaction to achieve the best possible conditions for our clients. As our client, you determine the weight of the different factors to be considered, and we incorporate them throughout the entire process.

Renegotiating existing lease

We notify clients to inform them of the current market conditions (rents, incentives etc.) of the locations that are being leased. Imagine you are considering renewing the lease for your business, and your landlord makes you an offer.
Is the offer in line with the market? Are you asking yourself whether you are paying a rent that is in line with market value? Have you stipulated enough flexibility in the lease? Imagine you are considering upgrading your office/business premises. Is there any possibility of the landlord sharing the financial burden? We will be happy to help you and provide you with high-quality advice on these and other questions.
We would be happy to explain our method and the associated plan of action during a personal meeting.

2. Selling

Thanks to our many years of experience in transactions on behalf of investors and corporate clients in commercial property, we have a broad package of solutions to strategically assess buildings/portfolios and put the properties on the market. 3stone will present you with a creative marketing plan for the purpose of selling your office or business premises.

Sale and lease back of property

Are you considering taking your property off the balance sheet? Do you need capital to invest in your core business? Or have you decided on a new business strategy? We can advise you on the options for a sale and lease back scheme, under which you sell your property and lease it back from the buyer. You can retain our services for structuring the transaction under the best possible conditions.

Together, we will examine the potential for maximizing the value of your property or minimizing your accommodation expenditures. We can offer you a quick scan of your accommodation situation, free of charge and without any obligation.

3. Consultancy

We are your soundboard for complex real estate cases and provide specialist knowledge. 3stone acts pro-actively and approaches each case from various angles. The client plays a central role in this process in which is made use of the competences provided by everyone involved. Every consultancy case deserves a tailor-made solution. We listen and analyse, apply our network and integrate our specialist knowledge in order to achieve the desired outcome.